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For all the cows..
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Sammy The Great
Age: 2021
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Cheeeeeeesy
Location: ,
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Name: Samtastic
Weight: 116 Pounds
Height: 5'5"
Spawn: My horsie, Cardiak Arrest

Brothers and Sisters: Unfortunately
Favorite Activity: Pissing people off
Talents: Horseback riding, snarky comments, kicking ass and the like.

Interests & Affiliations:

Favorite Bands and Artists:

About me:
Hmm. Where to start... I'm a totally whacked out 13 year old who skipped a grade. Being ADHD and shit is much fun, but it's hard to concentrate on anything so don't expect me to be switching modes really easily. I've got a one track mind, so deal with it. And as far as you know, I totally own your soul. ;D I've got a horse named Cardiak Arrest, the 'k' always having driven me crazy. He's a seven year old Arabian and he's more adorable than you'll ever be. ;D I'm a Southern Cali chick. So there. But to tell the truth, I've practically grown up in a barn. I saddle break horses, always having loved bucking and rearing and I jump them too. Cardiak is currently being trained by your's truly in Hunter. You wanna know what I look like? Well I'm absolutely gorgeous. Okay. I lied. I'm slim, about 80%+ of my 120lbs in muscle, the other being my boobs and butt. I stand at 5'4" and growing, but I've already outgrown my mother. I'm blonde and my eyes love to change color from greens to browns including yellows and reds in the process. So over all, I'm totally great. Hmmm. Well, what else? I draw. Yes. And I do photo-manips. What do I draw? Creatures. Creatures, wolves, dragons(which are equal to creatures I suppose), and horses. I also love to take photographs. So that's about all you're squeezing out of me. So there. My biggest peeves? Medical needles scare the shit out of me. Potato Bugs are the only bugs that can make me squirm Dirty Dishes = Not Good Spellings and Grammar mistakes equal you getting chewed up and spit out.

Am I better than you?
Hmm. It depends. If you mean yourself better than me, I shall shove something like a flaming pineapple up your sorry ass and laugh at your pain. In other words, I'm better than you and there's nothin' you can do about it. So nyah. 8P

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